The 3 Grades of Replicas You Must Know

There have been thousand’s of years of disputes and curiosity arising from luxury designer handbag replicas. Some say Top A is the best quality out there. Others say Mirror copy(Top AAAA) is the best. So which is which, and what are the actual differences?

Today we are here to debunk the age-old question so that fans can understand clearly the quality level that they are purchasing and whether the price range is reasonable or just a rip-off by some online scammers.

Top A —

Reasonable craftmanship, imitation leather, moderate quality imitation accessories

Price range — $50 — $200 per bag e.g. LV, Chanel

Now first of all we have the Triple A replicas, which are the most mass produced type of replicas in the whole world. These are the bags that you can find in the streets of Chinatown and even Guangzhou, and they are made very cheaply with imitation leather and industrial cutting and sewing machines.


One to one 1:1 — (AAA+)

Very good craftsmanship, genuine leather, near 100% imitation of metal accessories

Price range — $250- $400 per bag e.g. LV, Chanel

Now for more seasonal buyers of luxury replicas, they will go for the One to One quality, also known as mirror quality replicas.

These are the bags that the average person would consider owning, as they really look very similar to the original and if you own a 1:1 replica, it is hard for anyone to tell unless they have another original bag and compare with your replica side by side, ravaging through all the internal compartments of your bag and comparing them detail by detail.

These 1:1 quality bags are actually made using the leather and metal hardware that are sourced by the same suppliers as the original.

It may be hard to believe, but luxury brands often contract their materials and hardware to third party manufacturers who can produce the designs they want. They DO NOT make their own materials.

So as you can imagine, all the top quality leather, metal chains, buckles and clasps, even packaging of the bags are outsourced to third party manufacturers in China and Malaysia with strict quality control guidelines to produce the materials that meet their standards. Now the only difference between the 1:1 quality replicas and the original is that the workmanship may differ slightly, as the sewing and stitching of the bags might have a slightly lower stitchcount per inch than the original.


Lushentic Grade

Craftmanship by pioneer crafters that worked in the original factory, leather using the exact same supplier as the originals, and metal accessories bought off from backdoor original factories.

Price range — $400 to $ 700 per bag e.g. LV, Chanel, and up to $2000 for Hermes Birkin Limited Edition

Now the highest grade of replica currently in the market, the lushentic grade replicas, are those enjoyed by celebrities and the wealthy.

The lushentic grade replicas that are made in either China or Malaysia basically uses 100% of the materials that are either bought off or backdoored from the original assembly line of the original factories.

This includes all leather, hardware, thread, packaging and even workmanship.

These lushentic replica companies actually hire the leather makers inside the original factories to produce replicas for them by offering them 3-5 times their pay to do the exact same thing for them.

The 3 Grades of Replicas You Must Know

So what do you fancy? Top A, Top AAA or Lushentic quality?

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